Why is there a Texas Medicaid Coalition?

Lori NaborsAbout TMC

It’s no secret that Texas long-term care providers are increasingly challenged with the Texas HHSC-OIG Utilization Review process and shifting interpretations of the RAI manual.

Over the past several months, a group of Texas long-term care professionals and Medicaid experts began discussing possible reactions and solutions to the issues. We realized there was a void in obtaining and sharing information and it was only getting wider.

So the Texas Medicaid Coalition (TMC) was born

While a key focus for TMC is the OIG utilization review and appeal process, our goals are broader than that. We hope to provide a place for providers to exchange information about Texas Medicaid and identify potential solutions that will benefit all Texas LTC providers. Through our networking and influence, we hope to enhance the knowledge of every MDS Coordinator in Texas.

We’ll also strive to build alliances between the various professional associations, healthcare companies and governmental agencies that have interests in the Texas Medicaid system. You can learn more about TMC on our About page.

Membership is growing

Immediately after TMC was formed (and even before we had a website) we were inundated with questions from LTC providers and requests to join. We began having monthly conference calls and then decided there was a need for a website and member forum to widen the conversation.

We welcome Texas LTC professionals to join the discussion. Click here to apply for membership.

Special thanks to SimpleLTC

Our founding sponsor partner is SimpleLTC, a Texas-based LTC software company that improves Medicare/Medicaid forms processing and ROI for thousands of providers, including nearly 80% of Texas facilities. We appreciate their help in creating this site and strategizing ways to help Texas providers.