TMC update: We’ve come a long way in a short time

Lori NaborsAbout TMC

The Texas Medicaid Coalition has come a long way since our grass-roots efforts began over a year ago! I would like to take a moment to highlight the accomplishments our members have made in a very short amount of time:

  • We have worked to develop a relationship with the Texas OIG and DADS in an effort to work through issues impacting providers and to learn more about the Utilization Review process. The OIG and DADS have been very open in working with TMC and other associations and groups as we discuss these issues. We are grateful to them for organizing meetings and allowing open discussions.
  • TMC has organized several subcommittees whose various projects have made an impact for providers across the state.
  • TMC has hosted training conferences with Cheryl Shiffer, Texas State RAI Coordinator. We are grateful to Ms. Shiffer for the time and information she has shared. We plan to organize additional training events for MDS coordinators and consultants across the state.
  • TMC has also initiated conversations with DADS PASRR group in an effort to work through issues providers face as they implement PASRR rules/regulations.

Because of these successes and accomplishments, the Texas Medicaid Coalition has filed a certificate of formation with the Texas Secretary of State and has been approved as a Non-profit Corporation. There are three main reasons why this was the right decision for our group.

  1. It provides increased credibility as we carry out the mission of TMC.
  2. It provides a level of protection for our members.
  3. It provides improved structure and organization as we face issues impacting providers.

Ways you can serve TMC

  1. Board Member: Initial board members have been selected but every position comes with term limits. As the time approaches, we will announce the opening and will go through the selection process.
  2. Advisory Panel: We are in the process of selecting an advisory panel. Please contact me if you are interested in serving on the Advisory Panel.
  3. Subcommittee: From time to time it is beneficial to develop subcommittees to focus on a specific issue facing LTC providers in Texas. TMC will continue to have subcommittees that you may volunteer to serve on.
  4. Conference call participation: Your voice is important and we value your input as we discuss topics impacting providers. It is also a medium for information sharing and networking. Please continue to join the conference calls.

TMC membership update

  1. We are in the process of cleaning up our membership roster. It is important for us to maintain current and accurate information for all members. If you need to update your profile information (e.g., job role or email information), please do so as soon as possible. (Log into this site, click your name in the far upper right of your browser, then choose ‘Edit my Profile’.)
  2. TMC will open up its membership to anyone working directly or indirectly for a Texas SNF/LTC provider. This means owners, operators, executives, MDS Coordinators, DONs, ADONs, vendors, etc. can become members of TMC. There will be three levels of membership: board members, advisory panel members and general membership.
  3. Membership remains free at this time.

Corporate sponsorship

SimpleLTC has given $2,500.00 in corporate sponsorship to TMC. This has allowed us the opportunity to become established as a non-profit entity with the Texas Secretary of State and will help with other financial needs as we develop this new business entity.

Financial reporting

TMC Financial Reporting will be open upon request. Please contact Angie Behning if you want to review TMC financial reports.

Current TMC board members

  • Robert Douglas – President
  • Lori Nabors – Chair
  • Kelly Roberts – Vice Chair
  • Norma Mears – Secretary
  • Angie Behning – Treasurer
  • Dirk LeFlore – Director at Large
  • Ken Bell – Director at large

TMC mission statement

The Texas Medicaid Coalition was founded to improve and maintain Texas long-term care Medicaid reimbursement by LTC professionals collaboratively expanding our knowledge and understanding of regulatory processes; building partnerships with other professional organizations, industries and governmental agencies; and identifying resources and solutions.


Robert Douglas

Texas Medicaid Coalition