More change is coming to Texas; TMC can help us be ready

Lori NaborsAbout TMC

The year 2015 is going to bring some big changes to how we conduct business as Texas long-term care providers. We’ve been informed that, in addition to annual surveys and RUG reviews, Texas providers will face:

  • MDS 3.0 focused and staffing surveys
  • A hard focus on reducing antipsychotics
  • Reviews of our locked units
  • PASRR reviews
  • Initiation into Medicaid Managed Care and MCO processes on Mar. 1

Well, bring on the coffee! It’s going to be a busy year with many more i’s to dot, t’s to cross and new processes that will affect our dollars. New rules, new regulations…whew!

We’re all looking for more information

I have always found it to be somewhat liberating to answer a question with, “Hmmm, I don’t know, but I will find out!”

You see, the organization I work for was not a member of THCA, so we didn’t get the trickle-down effect of information shared from various state agencies. Therefore, I used to pick up the phone and call whatever agency the question pertained to. I wish I could tell you how much time I have spent being transferred or on hold.

I don’t mean to paint all the state agencies as less than helpful, though. I once got a notification from Ryan Bane and decided to give him a call at the number listed by his name. I was prepared to be transferred 12 times, so you can imagine my surprise when the phone was answered with, “This is Ryan Bane.” I was stunned silent and had to look hard for my voice. (If you know me at all, this is not something that happens very often.)

TMC is helping us find it

In the midst of all this change, TMC has been such an incredible help to me. I truly believe that we have some of the most talented minds in Texas in our organization. This is quite comforting with the above changes upon us. Now I have a peer group to connect with to glean information, decipher information, voice my frustrations and act when necessary.

This group has developed a very LOUD voice in Austin and we are being heard. I was speaking with Ken Bell yesterday and he shared that there are more than 1,300 long-term care professionals registered for TMC’s and SimpleLTC’s webinar on MDS 3.0 Focused and Staffing Surveys. Wow…thirteen hundred!

Along with SimpleLTC, TMC has made a difference in our industry clearly indicated by that number alone. How can we extend TMC’s reach even further? We will need your voice and your brain for the year ahead.

We are all from different organizations and have various talents to offer. We may be in competition for census, but never for information on how to function in this highly regulated industry. If you haven’t formally joined our organization, please consider it. It’s easy…and it’s free!