On-demand webinar: 6 keys to MCO success in Texas

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Texas Medicaid Coalition continues to take an active role in the changing Managed Care and MCO landscape, and a key focus for us involves providing education and resources to Texas SNFs as we all climb the learning curve.

On May 19, TMC joined SimpleLTC to host a free webinar to update Texas providers on the current status of the MCO transition and to present several keys to success in the new environment. The free training features lots of updated information regarding MCO requirements and was led by Kelly Roberts Treta, VP of Reimbursement/Ancillary Services with Creative Solutions.

You can watch the webinar and download the slides for free on the SimpleLTC website:

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What you’ll learn

  1. The different requirements for each Medicaid MCO for Therapy Prior Authorizations
  2. How to successfully complete a Therapy Prior Authorization for an MCO
  3. The role of the physician in the MCO process
  4. Steps to change a primary care physician for a resident’s MCO
  5. Steps to enroll or change a resident’s current MCO
  6. How to read a MESAV to determine the MCO enrollment date and end date