On-demand webinar: 6 keys to MCO success in Texas

Ken BellTraining

Texas Medicaid Coalition continues to take an active role in the changing Managed Care and MCO landscape, and a key focus for us involves providing education and resources to Texas SNFs as we all climb the learning curve. On May 19, TMC joined SimpleLTC to host a free webinar to update Texas providers on the … Read More

Become part of the solution to Texas Medicaid problems

Lori NaborsAbout TMC

Long-term care providers in Texas are faced with many challenges. In the world of MDS 3.0, there are no exceptions. Since we have evolved into a RUG-based payment system for Texas Medicaid, we have found ourselves facing many challenges. TMC faces the challenges RUG reviews began in 2010, looking retrospectively at MDS coding and supporting … Read More

More change is coming to Texas; TMC can help us be ready

Lori NaborsAbout TMC

The year 2015 is going to bring some big changes to how we conduct business as Texas long-term care providers. We’ve been informed that, in addition to annual surveys and RUG reviews, Texas providers will face: MDS 3.0 focused and staffing surveys A hard focus on reducing antipsychotics Reviews of our locked units PASRR reviews … Read More

On-demand webinar: MDS 3.0 focused & staffing surveys 2015

Angie BehningTraining

Are you ready for the new 2015 surveys? Now you can be. Last year, CMS piloted a focused survey in five states to assess MDS 3.0 coding accuracy and their relationship to resident care. In 2015, CMS will expand these surveys nationwide, as well as expand them to assess nursing home staffing levels. As a … Read More

Confused about STAR+PLUS managed care? We’ve got answers.

Ken BellTraining

As a service to Texas providers, Texas Medicaid Coalition (TMC) and SimpleLTC offered a free webinar on Dec. 11 entitled, “Preparing for Texas Star+Plus Medicaid Managed Care” (you can watch it on-demand here). Nearly 1,000 attendees participated and raised dozens of questions during the training. TMC has worked with HHSC to get answers to all … Read More

TMC, HHSC and the Sunset Advisory Commission

Dirk Le FloreRegulatory

First and foremost, Happy New Year! I want to thank every member of Texas Medicaid Coalition (TMC) for all the hard work everyone has contributed to help us grow into the strong, powerful and resourceful organization that we are today. Everyone in the State of Texas will hear TMC’s voice in 2015. I want to … Read More

How you can help TMC make a difference

Lori NaborsAbout TMC

Become a member…become part of the solution Texas Medicaid Coalition is a grass-roots organization with members who have various levels of expertise related to Medicaid MDS assessments, reimbursement, medical necessity, LTCMI forms, PASRR processes, utilization reviews, permanent medical necessity, audits and the appeal processes. If you are interested in sharing information with peers, identifying Medicaid … Read More

On-demand webinar: Preparing for Texas Star+Plus Medicaid Managed Care

Robert DouglasTraining

Mar. 1 is coming! Is your Texas nursing facility ready for Texas Star+Plus Medicaid Managed Care? Watch this free on-demand webinar to find out. A new, highly competitive Managed Care environment is coming to Texas long-term care on Mar. 1, 2015. Implementation of the Star+Plus Managed Care program and the MCO structure will mark a … Read More

On-demand webinar: Assessing ADLs Accurately

Angie BehningTraining

Texas Medicaid Coalition, in partnership with SimpleLTC, exclusively arranged for Texas MDS Clinical Coordinator Cheryl Shiffer, BSN, RN, RAC-CT to present a free 90-minute webinar on ADL coding. Nearly 700 people participated in the live training session on Nov. 6. Due to popular demand, SimpleLTC has made the training resources available for free on their … Read More

TMC update: We’ve come a long way in a short time

Lori NaborsAbout TMC

The Texas Medicaid Coalition has come a long way since our grass-roots efforts began over a year ago! I would like to take a moment to highlight the accomplishments our members have made in a very short amount of time: We have worked to develop a relationship with the Texas OIG and DADS in an … Read More